General Notice Regarding Locked down Due to COVID-19 Dated:17-04-2020

General Notice

Dear Students, Staff and all those who all are concerned with V.S.Patel College of Arts & Science, Bilimora,we the member of Bilimora Vibhag Kelavni Mandal, Bilimora & Incharge Principal of V.S.Patel College of Arts & Science, Bilimora, have unanimously decided that as per the extension in locked down due to worldwide pandemic of Corona Virus-19 declared by our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi,till 3rd May-2020, the academic as well as non-academic work of V.S.Patel College of Arts & Science,Bilimora, will remain totally closed till 3rd May-2020.

And as per the declaration by State Government of Gujarat, academic vacation of academic staff is till 15th May 2020.

Herewith is the G.R. of State Government of Gujarat regarding the vacation of academic staff till 15th May 2020.

I/C Principal, V.S.Patel College of Arts & Science, Bilimora. Prof. Dipesh B. Patel