• Being Student Centered And Not System Centered.
• Getting Out From Rigid Framework Accepting Flexible Framework.
• Not Planning For Top But Starting From Root As We Want To Grow.
• Not Being Sectional But Integrated.


• To Impart Educational Opportunity To Students Of Deprived, Remote And Sparsely Located Areas.
• To Impart Education Without Discrimination Of Cast Creed And Community.
• We Aim At Self – Development Of Students. We Strive To Make Them Responsible And Discipline Citizens Of Nation.
• We Reflect That Education Is Subservient To Intellect And If It Deviates From Its Source It Can Only Have A Distractive Character Similar To Corrosive Acid Which Destroys Organic Unity Of Beings And Things.
• We Inculcate In Our Students The Basic Value That Knowledge Governs Ignorance.