Morarji Desai Marg, Antalia, Bilimora
Mon-Sat 10:00 to 17:30

Anti Sexual Harassment Cell

NOT TO DO LIST (1) Do not physically touch anyone (without permission) and do so only if the other party openly agrees to the contact. (2) Do not make sexy remarks or jokes or humiliate any gender or category of people. (3) Do not take picture or videos or oral recordings of anyone without their freely given consent. (4) Any written, multimedia, pictures, videos or oral recordings of a private sexual nature cannot be shared through e-mail, regular post, on social media or other websites. (5)Do not send mixed signals - be firm and committed in your decision regarding any uncomfortable / unwanted action. TO DO LIST (1) Treat everyone in VSPC,Bilimora with respect. (2) Any individual can ask that the door of an office be left open during any interaction. (3) Any individual can request that meetings take place only during standard working hours and not in isolated areas. (4)Any individual can request that meeting and study sessions take place in well lit public spaces rather than in rooms with limited access from the outside or in rooms that are private to one individual. View Committee click below image: