Morarji Desai Marg, Antalia, Bilimora
Mon-Sat 10:00 to 17:30

Bachelor of Arts in English(SF)

About Course

A Bachelor of Arts in English is a relevant and flexible undergraduate degree that leads to numerous career paths. In this new information age, collecting, reading and writing about complex information for a specific audience is an essential skill. English provides it. In addition, reading literature and watching films provide a chance to experiment with ideas and with possible selves. Books and films allow you to travel in time and space, without ever leaving home. They show you how the world looks through the eyes of another person. In a complex world filled with different people, good readers and film analysts have an edge. English Majors can: Read and interpret complex texts Think critically Write with style and elegance Grasp nuance Do research using electronic and traditional sources Build arguments based on evidence Put things they read in a variety of cultural contexts Interpret the world around them with sophistication English Majors go on to become: Advertisers Writers Lawyers Teachers Editors Information technologists Filmmakers Business executives Public-relations managers Web developers Librarians Publicists Doctors Diplomats Activistst Bachelor of Arts in English......

Course Type : Full Time Course Duration : 36 Month(s)