About V.S.Patel College of Arts & Science

With a graceful charity of rupees 2 lacs (in 1960 A.D)donated by his highness Shri Vitthalbhai Shivabhai Patel, V.S.Patel college of Arts & Science, Bilimora was started on 15th June 1961. Because of unavailability of infrastructure 4 classes which included 2 of Science previous and the other 2 of inter Arts were inaugurated by late Shri Thakorbhai Manibhai Desai at Sir J.J.Mehta High School, Bilimora. The trustees of Sir J.J.Mehta High School offered this intermediate provision with out any expectation of monetary remuneration.

The proposed college got an affiliation of Gujarat University, Ahmedabad. After that Shri Naushir Manchersha Bilimoria donated a piece of vast land on Chikhli-Bilimora road, for a new building of V.S.Patel College, after the name of his father late Manchersha Burjorji Mengusi, where presently the whole campus is named as Mengusi Park.

The foundation stone of the new college building was laid down by the Chief Minister of Gujarat State at that time, late Shri Hitendrabhai Desai. The college which was started with merely four classes has now bulged up with a big college comprising of various sophisticated,well equipped departments glorified with well trained subjective teachers and vast, well furnished classrooms.Beside the main building, college comprises of chemistry laboratory for post graduate course which was developed by the graceful charity of Shri Kantidev Jethabhai Patel and Shri Kanubhai Zaverbhai Patel (BIPICO industry, Bilimora).

The principal courses like Hindi, Gujarati and Economics are offered at an under graduate level for bachelors degree which also includes Psychology and Statistics as a subsidiary subjects. Where as at the post graduate level, Hindi is offered to the students of Arts faculty.

Similarly the principal courses like Chemistry, Mathematics , Statistics & Physics (Self Financed) are offered at graduate level and Chemistry is offered at post-graduate level. Along with this Physics botany and statistics are offered as subsidiary subject to the science students at graduate level.

Till date many of the staff faculties have published their research and popular articles in various national & international journals. Some of them have also represented the college on television and radio.

With a noble aspect of developing an innovative talent among the students of college, we are publishing a yearly magazine called TRIVENI, where the students who come from different social, cultural & educational back ground, reflect their ingenuity in the form of research and artistic articles.

The authorities including teaching and non-teaching staff are making continuous efforts to imbibe and upsurge a notion for social welfare among the students through various schemes like National Cadet Corps, National Service Scheme, Planning Forum , etc. As and when the need from the various sections of the society, especially during natural calamities like flood, earthquake, epidemics, etc, have araised, these cells have proved to be efficient.

This institution has hosted many conferences, seminars & sports events of district, university and state level.

And last but not the least, our college, which has been continuously trailing the path for its all-round betterment, would have been next to impossible without the motherly care graced from our respectable & profusely respectable Principal. They have proved them selves to be the stake holders in each and every aspect, and for all round development of our college.

No	Name of Principal	      Qualification	                Tenure
1	Shri Dinkarrai G. Vashi	   M.Sc. (Mumbai)M.Sc. (London)	May 1961 To June 1966
2	Shri N.R.Trivedi	   B.A., M.A. (Mumbai)	        Dec 1966 To Aug  1968
3	Dr. M.R.Trivedi	           M.Sc.Gold Medalist	        June 1969 To June 1988
4	Shri G.C.Patel	           M.Sc. M.Phil	                July  1988 To June 1997
5	Shri D.B.Bhavsar	   M.Sc. M.Phil	                Aug  1997 To June 2003
6	Dr.P.S.Desai	           M.Sc. M.Phil PhD	        Feb  2004 To Jan 2007
7	Dr.M.N.Vashi	           M.Sc. PhD	                Jan   2008 To Oct 2016
8	Prof. Dipesh B. Patel	   M.Sc. 	                Nov 2016 To Cont…till date